What We Do

It’s important to have a game plan and to have a positive network of support for this journey.

Training Volunteers

We train volunteers in organizations such as churches, businesses and other organized groups.  The trained volunteers are equipped to create, organize, coordinate and facilitate sustainable support teams for members of their organization.  They are trained to respond with compassion while steering toward a course of hope and support.

In addition, trained volunteers are familiar with a few helpful resources online and in the community.  Some volunteers are trained to provide spiritual support or may provide a referral to prayer teams.  Volunteers have tools such as conversation cards, helpful suggestions such as playing music from the patient’s youth, tips for the caregiver in organizing paperwork, or a log for the administration of medication.

Creating Support Teams

Volunteers create support teams that are comprised of the caregiver’s and patient’s families, friends, neighbors, church friends, and co-workers.  Support teams provide practical help depending on the needs of the caregiver and patient.  The needs may vary from taking out the trash, walking the dog, running errands, delivering a meal, providing transportation, doing yard work, etc.

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We have personally walked this journey. No one should have to battle cancer alone.

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